Most of the flows here are scraped from the USGS API every half hour. As such all USGS data is provisional.

Scraped Idaho Power Streamflows
  • Succor Creek
  • Malad River
  • Milner Powerhouse
These are scraped from Idaho Power. I never considered streamflows as a trade secret. As a for profit business Idaho Power, understandably, considers this data important to their business and of key interest to any potential competitor. As a public utility operating under a FERC permit, Idaho Power is required to provide this data to the public. Somewhat reluctantly. In spite of the public transparency requirement, Idaho Power is continuously changing the URL to this data as well as rendering it in a JavaScript page. The intention is to obfuscate the data to the casual hacker. Which in a business perspective is understandable.

The Bear River power plant is run by PacifiCorp, also a FERC permit holder. They are upfront providing the predictions and flow data in an accessible form.