Selway Lowell cfs to Paradise conversion
Selway @ Lowell
Selway @ Paradise Est.!*
 1253 cfs.    2.1 '

* Everything, if you think about it, is provisional.
This is version 1.2 of my Lowell -- Paradise conversion script. As of July 2014 it is based on the rating table from the Bitteroot office of the USFS. I'm checking to see how old this data is. Version 1.1 was derived from the 2004 conversion table by Chris Dawkins, on the Yahoo Idaho Whitewater Group. (Thanks!)
The Dawkins' rating data as of 2017 is 13 years old.
Warning!!! If the Lowell gage goes above 24,250 cfs, this script will give errors.
"Ice" in the Selway @ Lowell field means this script is giving an error. Or the ice throws an error.

A copy of the USFS Paradise / Lowell rating table is available in the downloads section of Kayak Idaho.