cashThe largest purse in SUP history is up for grabs at the 2014 Payette River Games.

  Elite: $50,000 Record Setting Purse


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The Salmon Wave Park is gaining momentum.  A half dozen supporters have contributed to the project and a couple grass-roots fundraisers have propelled the project along. The complete story is available at the Salmon Wave Park Project page.


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On August 7 2013, the Boise Project Board of Control, which works with five area irrigation districts, decided to end its water delivery season for the Boise River on Sept. 5, 2013. The reduced flow will directly impact the Boise River Park. Wave Master Mike Vorhees says while some irrigation water may still reach the Thurman Mill Canal, just upstream of the River Park features, the projected flows will probably not be enough to keep the surf wave at its optimum surf potential.


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Last weekend, August 10, 2013, at the Cabarton put-in, several cars broken into -- or well -- opened and looted. The people hid their keys near the gas cap. Someone found the keys, took cash and items from the cars, and then locked them up and put the keys back.

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The North Fork of the Payette will be dropping to somewhere in the 1800 cfs range today. The gage at the reservoir at Cascade are already showing a drop to 1833. The drop has yet to reach the gage at Otters.


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Family and friends are grieving the death of Maj StormoGipson, 57 who drowned on the Middle Fork Salmon on Friday, July 26, 2013. StormoGipson was paddling an inflatable kayak on a commercial trip. She ran into a log in a small rapid upstream of Veil Cave. The ducky overturned and the victim was swept under the log and into the branches.


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