Last weekend, August 10, 2013, at the Cabarton put-in, several cars broken into -- or well -- opened and looted. The people hid their keys near the gas cap. Someone found the keys, took cash and items from the cars, and then locked them up and put the keys back.

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The North Fork of the Payette will be dropping to somewhere in the 1800 cfs range today. The gage at the reservoir at Cascade are already showing a drop to 1833. The drop has yet to reach the gage at Otters.


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Family and friends are grieving the death of Maj StormoGipson, 57 who drowned on the Middle Fork Salmon on Friday, July 26, 2013. StormoGipson was paddling an inflatable kayak on a commercial trip. She ran into a log in a small rapid upstream of Veil Cave. The ducky overturned and the victim was swept under the log and into the branches.


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A rabid bat bit a boater at Lower Jackass camp last week, July 9, 2013. If bats (or any mammals) are approachable at any time of the day or night, there is likely something wrong; stay away and try to avoid contact.

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The Papoose Fire is backing downhill towards Lightning Strike. Boaters - stop at the Flying B Resort Ranch and see the Forest Service employee for fire updates and potential camp reassignments.

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Boise River Park Wave will be  set to be sticky on Tuesdays.


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About 2:30 smoke appeared on the ridgetop above eddy creek at the Confluence River access.


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Green Wave Mondays

At the request of surfers at the Boise River Park, Boise Parks and Rec wave technicians are making adjustments to flatten and lengthen the wave at the Boise River Park on a regular schedule. Beginning July 1st, “Green Wave Mondays” will continue through the summer.

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) cancelled the permit that  had granted  exclusive rights to Symbiotics LLC of Rigby Idaho to study and pursue de-watering Boundary Creek, located in Northern Idaho.  The proposed hydropower project would have severely impacted over 6 miles of the pristine and biologically vital stream in the wild Selkirk Mountains.  

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