Jarbidge Gauge Flat Lines

Due to budget cuts the USGS has discontinued the gauging station on the Jarbidge river in northern Nevada. This gauge was important to river runners by giving an accurate reading of safe levels. Before the gauge it was a long drive and a big gamble to head out to the Jarbidge only to find it too low or two high. According to Steven Berris at the USGS Office in Nevada, the Jarbidge River gauge, like all gauging stations in Nevada, costs $21,600 per year. The USFS had been

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2011 Freestyle Kayak Championships Finals

Kellys Whitewater Park Finals July 10, 2011
  • Pro Men Results
    1. Eric Jackson 1290
    2. Bryan Kirk 745
    3. Craig Kleckner 560
    4. Mike Patterson 530
    5. Karl Moser 415
    Pro Women Results
    1. Emily Jackson 480
    2. Erin Clancey 245
    3. Elaine Cambell 170
    4. Devon Barker 145
    5. Jessica Yurtinus 120
    Expert Men Results:
    1. Derek
    2. Kerry
    Junior Men Final Results:
    1. Dane Jackson 1210
    2. Hunt Jennings 285
    3. Alec Voorhees 260
    4. Nico Tonozzi 195
    5. Tanner Griffith 195
    Tie broken by second highest score...
    Cadet KWP Results:
    1. Hayden Voorhees 180
    2. Hanna 20
    3. Sage Lauren

Lochsa Fatality

The Idaho County sheriff's office says a Missoula, Mont. man has died in a rafting accident on the Lochsa River in north-central Idaho. The accident occured at mile 112. Pipeline is at mile 113. 
The accident happened Wednesday afternoon June 29, 2011. The man's name is being withheld until his family members can be notified.
It's the second fatal rafting accident on the Lochsa River this year.
The river was running at about 14,000 cfs or apx. 6 feet on Wednesday -- high for this time of year.

Middle Fork Boise Fatality

From the Idaho Statesman
Cami Oborn, a 34-year-old woman from Riverton, Utah, died in a rafting accident near Atlanta Monday night, according to the Elmore County middle fork boise elmore county sheriff Sheriff's Office.

Oborn was in Atlanta for a family reunion, the sheriff's office said. She and five other family members went rafting down the Middle Fork of the Boise River at about 6:30 p.m. The group's raft became lodged

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Drowning on Owyhee

Robert Desmarais, of Hauser, Idaho drowned after falling out of an inflatable kayak on the Owyhee River Monday, May 23, 2011.

Hauser was paddling an inflatable kayak with one other person through Upset Rapids. Both fell out of the kayak. Hauser did not surface for 15 minutes. CPR was started immediatly and an ambulance called. Hauser was a participant on a commercial river trip. 

The Owyhee River was running at about 4,400 CFS in the area of the accident.

Complete Story The Argus Observer 

Fatality on the Middle Fork

On June 16, 2011, Brad Davis of Shreveport La. died after falling out of his raft at Murphs Hole on the Middle Fork Salmon River in Idaho. The river was flowing at apx. 6.5 feet, which is considered a high level and difficult rafting. Murphs hole is about a mile downstream of the starting point at Boundary Creek. Davis was part of an experienced private group of rafters and kayakers from Idaho and the other parts of the US.  Three rafts from the group had trouble in Murphs Hole: one flipped, one was damaged and

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Boundary Creek Road Opens

The road to Boundary Creek has been shoveled open and 4WD and high clearance vehicles have made it in. Expect muddy, snowy single-lane sections, changing conditions. Cape Horn summitt is snowey but passable in a 4WD vehicle. About half-mile beyond the summit an avalanche blocks half the road, but is passable. boundary.rd

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Middle Fork Snail Check

Boundary and Indian Creek Launch Site Aquatic Invasive Species Screening


Implementation begins June 8, 2011

The Middle Fork Ranger District has begun checking all boats before they are put into the
waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in an effort to prevent Aquatic Invasive Species
from reaching our beloved river systems. This requirement is also being implemented to
comply with the Biological Opinion (BO) regarding mitigations for spawning Chinook salmon
in the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

Middle Fork boaters are a very environmentally conscientious group, and while we recognize that this
will impact the launch portion of your trip, we are asking for your patience as we work to comply with
the BO and to protect this river we cherish.

Effective immediately, all

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Black Creek Blowout Blocks Salmon River

courtesy usfs n. fk rdBlack Creek Blowout Blocks Salmon River.    

Sometime around the 1st of April a  small intermittent stream, Black Creek, flooded and blocked  the Salmon River completely. The flood discharged a large quantity of rocks and debris into the river. The material  backed up the river  inundating Salmon Falls and created a new rapid. Trees and other woody debris blown out of the drainage had blocked the river approximately 1/8 mile below the new rapid, making the river impassable.

High Water has cleared the log jam and cut a channel through the debris.  The new rapid already has a name -- Ruby Falls. 

For more information contact the North Fork Ranger District at 208 865 2700 or visit the Arctic Creek Lodge website where they are tracking the changes of the rapid as the river cuts a new channel.