Bear River Release 2013

The Bear River will be flowing this weekend, June 1 and 2, 2013. Flows of 900 cfs or inflow, whichever is greater, will be provided on each day.  Releases will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. Between adjoining release days, night-time flows of 200 cfs will be provided.

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Whitewater Park Proposed in Bellevue

A proposal has been set into motion which has gained the support of the local Bellevue community, the Wood River Irrigation District, and City Council, to transform the District 45 Canal Co. diversion and the surrounding area into a river park and surf wave. 

An informational meeting will be held on Monday, March 11, at 6 p.m. at Bellevue City Hall to answer questions about the proposed "wave structure."

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Springs Fire on South Fork Payette

The Springs Fire on the South Fork Payette River, Idaho appears to have been limited to mostly undergrowth and grass. Some trees have burned, but the majority of the fire that can be seen from the road, left the trees intact. The fire ranges from the confluence with the North Fork upstream along the South Fork to above Bronco Billy. The hardest hit areas are the large grass hillsides along and downstream of Staircase. Near the confluence both sides of the river have burned.

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Armed Rangers Invade Payette River

Policy changes in the management of the Payette River Program have switched from the USFS as a Good-Neighbor to the USFS as gun-toting brown shirts or in this case, pickle suits. The change took on a new light Sunday, August 5th 2012 when two USFS Law Enforcement Officers came to the peaceful Payette River armed with IKs and sidearms ready to take on the rapids and misbehaving river users.

The issue is a USFS shift from providing a service: parking, clean bathrooms, site maintenance, river patrols (in the good neighbor sense) to Enforcement. This is what local river users have opposed all along. After more than ten years of the rec fee demo (now Rec Fee Act) lulling us into compliance it has come to armed law enforcement officers harassing unarmed river runners. Most river runners go to the river  to escape the pressures of modern society and enjoy nature. The parking fee on the Payette is a necessary evil. We are no longer a small band of river runners parking next to the highway or in the county gravel pile to access the river. However no one is a fan of the Feds invading the river with side arms and a ticket book. 

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Boise Fire Department Non Rescue


Boise River Strainer

Three large trees are forming a strainer across the Boise River, downstream of the Glenwood Bridge in Garden City. The trees are large and difficult to access from the bank, officials say. River managers have no immediate plans to remove the trees. Floaters and river users should take precautions to avoid the strainers.

Garden City River Park-ing

White Water Park Parking available in Garden City

Garden City has leased land next to the Greenbelt/River Park area at the end of 35th Street to provide limited parking for kayakers. In addition there is a portable bathroom and changing room available. Access to this parking area is from the North end of 35th Street. Please remember the following:

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Vinegar Creek Construction 2012

The Salmon River Ranger District is planning to commence work on Vinegar Creek Recreation Site.
Construction to begin as early as August 10th , 2012. Specific dates are difficult to predict due to water
levels and in-stream work needed on 2 boat ramps. Current work identified includes; 2 ramp
extensions, parking expansion, and new double vault toilet.

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Freestyle Nationals Results

 KWP National Championships: Sunday 7/8/12

Cadet Finals  Ride 1 Ride 2 Ride 3 Final Score
1 Kenny Kellog 80 265 190 265
2 Jeffrey Steeler 170 90 190 190
3 Dally Kellogg 95 25 90 95
4 Kady Kellogg 25 0 15 25
5 Thomas Gebhards 20 20 20 20

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