The Boise River Park held a meeting to present the preliminary plans for Phase II of the Project as well as provide the public an opportunity for input. The meeting was attended by approximately 60 people. The wave designs were presented by Scott Shipley of S2O design. The landscaping and greenbelt designs were presented by DHM Design of Durango Colorado. The overall project is in the hands of McMillan LLC of Boise.


Unlike phase I, the river features on phase II will not be adjustable. Plans include three distinct reaches starting below the Wave Shaper and extending almost to the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Three waves are planned in the drop where the Farmer's Union Canal has it's present diversion. The greenbelt will be routed around the east side of Veterans Pond. The plan calls for connecting the lower end of the pond to the Boise river. This will allow river users to paddle up the flat water in the pond back to the starting point. Without current and only one small portage.

The landscaping plans include parking for 250 cars near the existing foot bridge, a small amptheater overlooking the waves with views up and down the river.

Most of the concerns voiced at the meeting, by river park users, revolved around the wave design and the actual resulting waves. Mike Thurman raised the point of making sure there would be wave feature in place and working with winter flows. A couple others raised concerns about the failure of the wave shaper, the inplace wave feature, to meet the builders promises. Several and green belt users raised questions about the the plans of routing greenbelt traffic during the construction phase. Other questions were raised about wildlife mitigation. In particular, the plans for relocating a group of turtles living at the proposed entrance to the canal connecting the river and Veterans Pond. The park designers said each of those questions would be addressed as the information about the site becomes clear and the plan develops.

Funding is the key point at this stage. The city of Boise has pleged it's support both finacially and in the planning and support arenas as well.