The Salmon Wave Park is gaining momentum.  A half dozen supporters have contributed to the project and a couple grass-roots fundraisers have propelled the project along. The complete story is available at the Salmon Wave Park Project page.


Following the preliminary design report in 2011, The Salmon city council voted to start accepting plans for the wave design.  The park will feature three waves starting upstream of the Main Street Bridge in downtown Salmon and continuing down to the existing diversion structure by the Stagecoach Inn. The design will incorporate the existing Island Park in Salmon. The preliminary design has been submitted from Recreation engineering and Planning is in. Interested bidders on January 6, 2014 to submit their proposals.  Proposals is for Engineering Plans for the proposed Salmon, Idaho Whitewater Park. The Project consists of design, specifications and details, providing documentation in support of environmental permitting, and construction oversight services for a proposed whitewater park on the Salmon River in downtown Salmon, Idaho.