On August 7 2013, the Boise Project Board of Control, which works with five area irrigation districts, decided to end its water delivery season for the Boise River on Sept. 5, 2013. The reduced flow will directly impact the Boise River Park. Wave Master Mike Vorhees says while some irrigation water may still reach the Thurman Mill Canal, just upstream of the River Park features, the projected flows will probably not be enough to keep the surf wave at its optimum surf potential.


On average, the Boise Project’s season usually ends between Oct. 10 and 17, Project Manager Tim Page said. The Boise Project’s announced cut off is more than four weeks earlier than average. As of 8/11/13 the storage capacity for the three reservoirs supplying the Boise River and Treasure Valley Irrigation distrists are at the following levels: Arrowrock Reservoir 19%, Anderson Ranch Reservoir 35%, Lucky Peak Reservoir 79%. This is considerably lower than normal for this time of year. The low levels will also adversly affect Boise River Flows for next spring and summer. It will take a big snowpack to get the reservoirs back to a working level, said Vorhees.