The Papoose Fire is backing downhill towards Lightning Strike. Boaters - stop at the Flying B Resort Ranch and see the Forest Service employee for fire updates and potential camp reassignments. Depending on the fire's activity and location, your camps may be changed. Firefighters are currently reducing fuels in and around Papoose, Ship Island and Lightning Strike camps. Salmon, Idaho –Fire Update: Papoose Fire: DATE OF DETECTION: July 08, 2013 CAUSE: Lightning CURRENT SIZE: 40 acres LOCATION: – Papoose Creek, Frank-Church River of No Return Wilderness, North Fork Ranger District. Approximately 41 air miles west of Salmon, Idaho AGENCY: U.S. Forest Service –Salmon-Challis National Forest The fire is burning in grass, brush, and timber. Four firefighters initially rappelled into the fire and were supported by water dropped from a helicopter. Due to the steep and rugged terrain and the rollout, which is burning material rolling downhill and igniting fuel below the main fire, the fire escaped initial attack. Fire personnel have been inserted into the river camps closest to the fire on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Priority camps at this time are Lightning Strike, Papoose, and Ship Island. Their objective will be to reduce the impacts of fire on the camps by employing a variety of tactics that could include building low impact fire line around the camps and removing ground fuels around standing trees. “These tactics reduce the impacts to river users and protect wilderness values,” said North Fork District Ranger, Russ Bacon. No River Camps are currently closed at this time, however Middle Fork boaters should check in with Forest Service Personnel located at the Flying B Ranch for current fire and river information Forest personnel are currently developing long term plans for this fire with a focus on firefighter and public safety as well as reducing the impacts to the Middle Fork Corridor.