The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) cancelled the permit that  had granted  exclusive rights to Symbiotics LLC of Rigby Idaho to study and pursue de-watering Boundary Creek, located in Northern Idaho.  The proposed hydropower project would have severely impacted over 6 miles of the pristine and biologically vital stream in the wild Selkirk Mountains.  

Symbiotics has been purchased by Riverbank Power of Toronto Canada. Both companies appear to be leverage offers intent on applying for exclusive energy permits with the intent of selling the company to a larger and more liquid conglomeration.

The proposed Boundary Creek project would have the capacity to remove all but seven cfs from Boundary Creek for most of the year, where there will only be more water when the flow of the stream exceeds the capacity of the project. This type of management would impact all aquatic species native to the stream and will virtually end recreational paddling on the stream.

The same scenario  already  play  out  on  the  nearby Smith  Creek,  where  a  similar  hydroelectric project has made one of the premiere whitewater recreation runs in the Selkirks
impossible to paddle.  

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