The Springs Fire on the South Fork Payette River, Idaho appears to have been limited to mostly undergrowth and grass. Some trees have burned, but the majority of the fire that can be seen from the road, left the trees intact. The fire ranges from the confluence with the North Fork upstream along the South Fork to above Bronco Billy. The hardest hit areas are the large grass hillsides along and downstream of Staircase. Near the confluence both sides of the river have burned.

On the Main Payette, near Bikini Beach some spot fires can be seen from the road on the East Side. It is smokey but visibility is good. At places there are rocks on the road. Both on highway 55 and along the Banks Lowman Road.

Helicopters continue to bucket the fire. One engine was parked at mile 77 (Go Left). Other than that no fire fighters can be seen from the road on the South Fork. From the USFS fire map it appears that the fire is active near Otters Slide on the North Fork.

The South Fork of the Payette River remains open to boaters, but they are asked to use caution as the river is being used as a dip site by helicopters supporting fire personnel. In addition, trees that have been weakened by fire may fall into the river without warning.


Map date 8/9/2012