On June 16, 2011, Brad Davis of Shreveport La. died after falling out of his raft at Murphs Hole on the Middle Fork Salmon River in Idaho. The river was flowing at apx. 6.5 feet, which is considered a high level and difficult rafting. Murphs hole is about a mile downstream of the starting point at Boundary Creek. Davis was part of an experienced private group of rafters and kayakers from Idaho and the other parts of the US.  Three rafts from the group had trouble in Murphs Hole: one flipped, one was damaged and another dumped the oarsman and continued downstream unmanned. Kayakers and rafters from another private group from Boise assisted in the rescue.

After falling out of the raft Davis was reported to be swimming to shore on his own. A kayaker approached him to help tow him. The kayaker reported that Davis suddenly  stopped swimming and became unresponsive. Another raft managed to get Davis onboard quickly and started CPR. After aproximatly one hour of CPR doctors on the scene declared Davis dead. 

Rescuers were able to contact the Middle Fork Ranger District and the Custer County Sherrif's office with a satellite phone. His body was flown out at Morgan Airstrip from in a plane provided by the USFS.

After the accident, some of the group walked back out to Boundary Creek, others flew out at Indian Creek. It is unclear if some of the group continued with the MF trip.  

Custer County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Talbot said that no one belongs on the river at this level.

Brad Davis Obiturary