Boundary and Indian Creek Launch Site Aquatic Invasive Species Screening


Implementation begins June 8, 2011

The Middle Fork Ranger District has begun checking all boats before they are put into the
waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in an effort to prevent Aquatic Invasive Species
from reaching our beloved river systems. This requirement is also being implemented to
comply with the Biological Opinion (BO) regarding mitigations for spawning Chinook salmon
in the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

Middle Fork boaters are a very environmentally conscientious group, and while we recognize that this
will impact the launch portion of your trip, we are asking for your patience as we work to comply with
the BO and to protect this river we cherish.

Effective immediately, all

boats must be screened before going into the eddy. Boaters must establish
contact with Forest Service Launch Site Personnel during normal business hours to obtain approval to
put their boats in the water. Do not disturb Forest Service employees in their residences outside of
normal business hours for AIS screening. Boats flown into Indian Creek and all craft launching at
Boundary Creek after it is staffed cannot be put into the eddy until a Forest Service person has
checked them.

When Boundary Creek is not staffed, or if launching below Indian Creek, all boaters are asked to be
extra vigilant in ensuring that all boats are clean, drained and dry before launching. Please use the
information below for education and inspection information.

This will apply to everyone (private & commercial, IKs to sweep boats). Boaters are encouraged to
arrange unloaded boats in an orderly fashion to allow ease of evaluation and increased efficiency at
the launch site. Forest Service Launch Site Personnel will perform evaluations with Permit Holder and
Trip Leader.

Launch Site Personnel will determine the relative risk by first going through the Low Risk criteria. If boat
meets one or more of these criteria, they will likely authorize access to the eddy. Otherwise, they will
review for High Risk criteria and perform an inspection before the craft is allowed to launch.

Low Risk (meets one or more of these criteria)

High Risk

Boat has not been out of Idaho in last 30 days

Boat is from out of state (or has been out of state
within the last 30 days)

Boat is only used or last used on the Middle Fork
(including take-out at Cache Bar)

Boat has been in multiple waters.

Boat appears to be Clean & Dry. (Road mud may
be discounted if owner states that boat was clean
and dry prior to driving in; same applies if raining.)

Boat appears to have mud, slime, plants, mussels
and/or snails on it.

Owner of the boat is aware of the Clean, Drain &
Dry requirement and states it has been followed
(boat has been dry 5 or more days)

Boat appears to have standing water in it.*
Owner is not aware of the Clean, Drain & Dry

*= Drift boats, kayaks and canoes more likely to have standing water.

Boundary and Indian Creek Launch Site Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Screening Protocol
Implementation begins June 8, 2011

Low risk boats: checkers may authorize to enter the river (no physical inspection required).
High risk boats: need to be inspected before entering the river.

Combination of a visual examination and hands on assessment, which is focused on seams and crevices
where mud, plants and snails are most likely to be found.
If the inspection finds the boat to be clean or free of mud, plant or animal debris and has no
standing water: checker can give permission for boat to enter the river.
If the inspection discovers mud, plant or animal debris and/or standing water, the checker will
ask the owner to clean and/or drain the boat as far away from the river as practical. The debris
or water should not have a chance to enter the river or the wet zone adjacent to the river. Then
checkers will REINSPECT.

If a boat fails inspection, or owner refuses to clean or drain a craft as requested, no launch permit will be

Persons entering, or being on the permitted section of the Middle Fork of the Salmon river without a
permit may be citied under 36 CFR 261.58 (z). Threatening, resisting, intimidating, or interfering with a
Forest Officer engaged in the performance of his/her duty may be citied under 36 CFR 261.3 (a).