RS 19221 Goes to House Resources Committee
Location : State Capitol Building Room EW40
Contact : Rep. Jim Stevenson. 208 332 1136 they don't answer the phone -- typical!
Time: Thursday, 11 February 2010, 13:30

red herringHere we go again. Parks and Rec and the Idaho State government continue to tax without representation. First they wanted to tax non motorized watercraft. The found too much opposition. so they renamed it the Invasive Species Fund and what is commonly referred to as The Idaho Red Herring Tax. Five bucks isn't enough. Now they want to raise Eric and Butch's Idaho Red Herring Tax.

From the the House State Affairs Committee Minutes:

Dave Ricks, Deputy Director and Renee Iverson, Registration Coordinator for the Parks and Recreation Department, presented RS 19221 which is proposed legislation that will allow the Parks and Recreation Department the necessary resources to implement the Idaho Protection Against Invasive Species Sticker Program. This RS attempts to make the department whole. The Department was able to implement the program but needs this change to allow the program to pay for itself and to reimburse local vendors for their costs.

The Parks and Recreation Department has given $845,000 to date to the Department of Agriculture to implement the program. They oversee the education, inspection stations, and wash stations. In response to committee questions, Ms. Iverson said that they tried to mirror current rules in placing vessels in the rule. All boats with a motor are considered motorized, including sailboats. Mr. Ricks said that he does not know the fund balance at the Department of Agriculture. To justify the funds increase he stated that it is at least $2.00 to even print the stickers. This does not allow for any funds to cover vendor’s or extra costs. The reason for the percentage increase being so large is that we are dealing with a small sum to begin with. There has been no reimbursement and pay to the vendors for selling the stickers this past year.

Approximately 20 outside vendors participated. They had 8,500 stickers sold through the vendor’s or approximately seventeen percent. Each vendor will retain $1.50 of the $5.00 fee. They had difficulty getting vendors to sell the stickers this year. Twenty two percent of the stickers were for non-motorized vessels. He did not have the percent of revenue the non-motorized sticker brings in. Rep. Anderson said that the increase is needed because of the vendors in the field need to cover their cost of distribution. They held many meetings with the non-motorized groups and the outfitters and guides groups. This process is consistent with the way we sell stickers for programs throughout the state. This program was an emergency effort and has been successful. He has information on Lake Meade about the problems they have encountered with invasive species. He shares the concerns about raising the fees, but we do need to pay our vendors to make the program successful.

Read the last paragraph, sentence eight. No non-motorized groups we contacted had been in meetings with State Parks and Rec. or They! Parks and Rec gave a lecture without allowing comments at the IWA meeting Fall 2009. That is not a meeting.